I have been a video specialist at the Iowa City Senior Center Television station for three years; I help senior citizen producers film and edit programs to be broadcast on local public access and city stations. The show I have worked on longest is "Neighbors & Friends," a show which discusses LGBTQ issues in Iowa City and is produced by an 86-year old lesbian.

The Center has had a television studio for over twenty years now. Senior producers send four hours of programming to local stations every month, recording the activities of the center as well as making their own artworks and documentaries.

I have had many positions, but in addition to being the videographer and editor for Neighbors and Friends, I am currently the interviewer for War Stories, a series chronicling the experience of vets. I also have my own series where I introduce new classes at the Center by taking a lesson with the teacher; so far I have learned how to tapdance and how to play party-friendly piano.