When I perform as Princeß Tralabeeka, I take what I see as the crux of a pop star – over-done and stereotypical sexuality, extremely simple musicality, a lack of deeper meaning – to the extreme. While the content is mimicked, the form is not. The final piece of what often identifies a pop star is an aesthetic of being visually over-processed, and "Musick VidYO" is anything but. Separating the content from the form makes the accepted mass culture image look ridiculous.

I think the neatest thing about the technology of my universe is that the weight/truth/existence of a real-world object or event or person can be negligible compared to its presence in the world of the internet. Princeß Tralabeeka has only had one live performance – at the Open Lot Gallery in Nashville in 2010, but she has multiple music videos, and has made a TV appearance (as an alien robot lounge singer for the PATV remake of Moon Zero Three – to be aired fall 2011). Many fans never see their favorite entertainers perform live. The quality and quantity of digital material that entertainers produce is so immense that it has become an acceptable alternative to in-person interaction. In that system, physical reality is not truer than what can be created online.